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What is Family Office?

The term FAMILY OFFICE means objective and professional management of family wealth by a person or external body, with a broad and complete view of all the assets and needs of the family. The service came into existence in the 19th century among aristocratic and royal families, who needed advice, guidance and management of their assets. In the early 2000s, with the significant increase in the number of wealthy families in the country, the field began to operate and develop in Israel as well.

The FAMILY OFFICE service manages the family assets in the long term with the aim of preserving the assets and passing them on to future generations. To this end, the service provider first clarifies all the desires and needs of the family, followed by the determination of an investment strategy which includes the allocation of assets and the manner in which the plan is to be implemented.

OPAL FAMILY OFFICE provides all the services mentioned above and is well positioned to handle the financial and real assets of you and of your family on an ongoing basis, as well as in a personal and comprehensive manner, while taking into account the needs and desires of the family.

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