Our service model


Personalized comprehensive holistic service

  • Loyal service‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬We serve your family’s best interests with‭ ‬no conflicts involved and out of a clear understanding and‭ ‬knowledge of your needs and wishes‭.‬

  • ‬The family's gate keepers‭ -‬‭ ‬We manage all negotiations of investments‭, ‬credit rates and fees with banks and/or other third parties‭.‬

  • Availability and service‭ -‬‭ ‬We provide a readily available personal fast and professional service‭.‬

  • Investment strategy‭ -‬ Accommodating the family’s needs and the right capital‭ ‬structure of its wealth‭. ‬an investment strategy is planned and‭ ‬managed regularly‭. ‬This includes an in depth and professional analysis‭ ‬of the investment portfolios‭, ‬setting an investment policy‭, ‬allocating assets‭, ‬implementing changes and producing regular consolidated reports off all the‭ ‬family assets‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬regular meetings are held with the‭ ‬family‭. ‬The objective of those meetings is to assess the‭ ‬changes in the family’s needs and wishes and to‭ ‬examine the recent investment performance‭. ‬

  • Alternative investments‭ - ‬Unique high level platform for hedge funds‭, ‬Private Debt‭, ‬Private Equity‭, ‬Structures and Real Estate‭.‬

  • ‭Full pension advisory and planning‭ -‬‭ ‬Using the leading pension advisors available‭, ‬having no conflict of interests and full transparency‭.‬

  • Taxation‭ -‬‭ ‬Creating a trust‭ -‬‮ ‬Consulting and accompanying the client in forming trusts and foundations‭, ‬using the best known escrow institutions in Israel and abroad‭.‬

  • Wills‭, ‬Continuing Power Of Attorney and Prenuptial Agreements ‭- ‬Connecting and accompanying the family to lawyers who specialize in final testaments‭.‬

  • The next generation‭ -‬‭ ‬Preserving and planning the transfer of‭ ‬assets to the next generation

  • Full pension advisory and planning‭ ‬‮–‬‮ ‬ Taking advantage of a unique and unbiased platform‭, ‬we have‭ ‬access to the leading pension advisors available‭.‬

  • ‬Creating a trust‭ -‬‭ ‬Consulting and accompanying the client to the best known trust companies in Israel and abroad‭.‬

  • Entrepreneurship‭ -‬‭ ‬Advising and locating real investments and start up’s‭.‬